DIY 3D Solar Panels Video Guide, up to 2000% more electricity than before

Hi there,

You heard it right, the solar panels are back! They are available in three-dimensional space now.
Say good-bye to the conventional solar panels array and learn how to build your efficient panels now.

The MIT research made this discovery recently and you have now a full DIY Video Series that shows step-by-step how to build them.

I have found this page while I was searching for a better way to generate electricity on a budget.

I contacted the owner Zack, and told him about the stuff I’ve done in the past related to electricity generation and he was happy to discuss more about his project.

I’ve learned about a great way to get solar cells 5 times cheaper than regular price and they work as well as the expensive ones.
This and much more you will find after watching the video presentation.

>> Check it out here