How To Treat Onychomycosis At Home With Natural Way!

Toenail fungus is a very common problem that affects millions. While it isn’t a serious medical problem, it is undesirable and causes embarrassment to a lot of people. Unfortunately, it’s also very tough to get rid of. Nail fungus can come from a variety of places like locker rooms, gyms, pools, etc. It is more common in men and can also come from other forms of fungus like athletes foot.

Many people who suffer from toenail fungus have it for many years because it is difficult to treat, and the treatment options are expensive and sometimes dangerous. Most doctors prescribe oral antifungal medications, many of which have some bad side effects. Side effects include liver damage, rashes, allergic reactions, and stomach problems. It’s also pretty disheartening to learn that treatment can take a year or longer!

That’s why many turn to toenail fungus home remedies as an alternative. These typically involve topical treatments using natural products. Unfortunately, a lot of these are nothing more than old wives tales and have no real evidence behind them.

Here are some of the most common toenail fungus remedies:

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is a natural oil coming from the tea tree. It has shown to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is a common ingredient is certain lotions and shampoos and can be good for the skin in general. How effective it is, is still up for debate. Some people swear by it, others have had no results at all. The concentration and strength can vary greatly from one product to another as well.

Vinegar – Vinegar, and most commonly apple cider vinegar, are a common recommendation for treating toenail fungus. Apple cider vinegar is another product that is thought to have anti-fungal properties. Many recommend soaking the nail in vinegar once per day for several months to treat the fungus. Again, choosing the RIGHT product can be difficult.

Vicks Vaporub – This one has been around for a long time. Most are unsure as to why this product would work to treat nail fungus. Some studies show menthol has anti-fungal properties, although this is debatable. The ingredients used in Vicks has also changed a few times over the years and many agree that the current product will not be effective as it has lost the primary antifungal compound.

If you decide to try any toenail fungus remedy or treatment, persistence is key. Nail fungus is very hard to get rid of because it can affect the nail bed, making it tough for the treatments to actually reach the fungus. This usually means you’ll need to continue treatment for the full cycle of nail growth. This means daily treatment of the nail, cuticle, and surrounding area for several months.

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