Facial Exercises - 2 Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve Great Results

Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve Great Results

Exercising your body is now accepted by most as a great way to build and tone your muscles to improve your appearance, but many people still ask the question 'do facial exercises work?'.

Absolutely! Just because the muscles being worked are in the face, makes them no less likely to respond to the exercise. '...if facial exercises really worked then everyone would be doing them...' is a response I read recently which amused me. We all know if we exercise our bodies regularly then we would most likely become slim and toned, yet the world is not filled with slim, trim bodies!

If we did regularly exercise our bodies, we would see results.

Likewise, if we regularly exercise our faces, we will also see results, it's just that many of us need to get motivated and create a routine which fits into our daily lives. A good facial exercise routine will only take up approx 1% of your waking day - just 10 minutes - an easy task to maintain if you are motivated and who won't be if it meant seeing your face looking smoother and firmer with a clearer complexion?

There are just two things to keep in mind to achieve great results

  • Practice your exercises correctly
  • Practice your exercises regularly

The correct exercises are of course paramount.

Building up and strengthening your facial muscles is best done by using resistance techniques while exercising isolated muscle groups. Muscles have to work harder if there is some kind of resistance involved, leading to a more intensive workout which will accelerate improvements in the appearance of your face.

These improvements are obtained more quickly in the face than in your body as the facial muscles are connected directly to the skin by delicate connective tissues, (unlike other muscles of the body which are attached to bone by tendons) which allows you to pull expressions.

Smaller Muscles = More Obvious Results

As these facial muscles are typically smaller than other muscles we exercise in the body, an improvement in their tone and strength is much more obvious. The building of this underlying muscle structure will quickly affect your appearance as the skin becomes smoother and more plumped up. Wrinkles will diminish, your jawline will become more defined and you will have a more 'lifted' look to your whole face.

The fact that facial muscles are also inter-woven, creating a mesh-like structure beneath the skin means that the contraction of one muscle leads to the movement of several others. This formation of connected supporting muscles makes it all the more important to exercise all the facial muscles equally to produce the best and quickest results, as improving one part of the face will also benefit the surrounding areas.

Clear Healthy Looking Skin

Clear Healthy Looking Skin

Another important benefit of facial exercise is the improvement of both the blood and lymphatic systems. Stimulation leads to an increase in highly oxygenated blood being supplied to the facial muscles and skin, bringing with it cell regenerating nutrients. Manipulation of the muscles means the lymph is easily drained, carrying away with it toxins and waste products which can build up in the surrounding tissues. This will result in much clearer, less puffy and generally much healthier skin which has a more even skin tone.

I have spent the last 25 years practicing and developing my facial exercise programme which contains specialized muscle resistance techniques to naturally lift and tone all areas of the face and neck. I now teach facial exercises on a one-to-one basis as well as group sessions.

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Do Facial Exercises Work? Make Up Your Own Mind
By Sarah Ann Street

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