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How to Grow Your Own Plants
By Cesar A Batres Mejia

In this section you will learn how to divide an existing plant into several smaller ones, keeping the larger one to continue growing. This technique is used mostly in green, tropical plants that live inside the house, away from direct sunlight. These plants are generally exuberant and have different sizes of leafs, generally they do not have flowers and come from humid, dark jungles from around the world. You will recognize them because smaller identical plants or stems grow at or near the base of the stem of the larger plant.

The first thing to do is identify the plant you want to divide. To do this you must look for strong, healthy plants that look happy and satisfied with the place they live in and the care you give them. You will need plenty of dirt, a large pot or planter, and two or three smaller pots or planters, a sharp knife and scissors too. Remember to make sure the pots have holes on the bottom for ventilation and water elimination. There are two ways to do it and both depend on if you want to save the pot where the plant is or discard it.

In both cases you start the same way. Taking the knife put it through all the way to the bottom moving it around the edge of the pot so as to loosen the dirt and to cut any roots that are stuck to it. If you want to keep the pot the plant is in, take the plant firmly but gently by the stem and pull outwards. While you do this tap the pot's sides with the back of the knife so the dirt comes loose and allowing the plant to be taken out of the pot. If you don't mind discarding the pot, simply cut through it or break it until the dirt holding the roots is free.

Working fast so as not to expose the roots to the air and light, find the plants you want to remove and gently separate it from the main plant making sure that it comes off with plenty of roots. The smaller plants are attached to the larger one by a root, make sure you cut this before attempting to separate them. Once done with the separation, take the scissors and cut about one centimeter of the smaller plants root system. The plant is ready, now to the pot. After adding gravel to the bottom of it, fill it with fresh dirt about two thirds to the top leaving a small hill in the middle where your young plant will sit.

Take the plant and gently spread the root system on the dirt. Gently add more dirt until the roots are completely covered and tap it gently to let out any air left around the roots. Continue filling the pot until it is about one centimeter from the top compacting the dirt around the stem as you go. When finished the beginning of the stem must be level with the dirt and all the roots must be buried. Water gently and refill the pot with dirt as needed to keep the one inch level from the edge. If you want you can take two or three small plants from each large one so pick the healthy, strong ones.

Once this is done go back to the main plant and cut its roots about one or two centimeters all around the root ball. Plant it in the new pot or in the old one. As you cut the root system dirt will fall off, do not use this dirt again, use fresh soil to fill the pot. Water the plants thoroughly and place them in the same spot they were in before. It is possible that after a couple of days they will look a bit sad and down, do not worry, soon they will begin to grow again. In fact they will grow faster and better because when you prune the root system, the tip of the cut roots divides giving the plant more absorption area through which it will feed better. It is the smaller, thinner roots that absorb nutrients, not the larger ones, by multiplying these the plant grows faster and stronger. You have now concluded the second part, enjoy your gardening.

My name is Cesar Batres, I enjoy working in my garden very much and want to pass on my experience as a gardener to others who love plants like I do. When I was young I spent many summers working at the local plant nursery where I learned everything I now use to keep my plants beautiful and healthy. I hope you enjoy this segment and look forward to the next one.

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>> Discover How To Grow Plants 1000% Faster In Half The Time