Reiki Healing - How Can A Beginner Do Reiki Healing At Home

How Can A Beginner Do Reiki Healing At Home

Here’s a secret very few people know:

Almost all disease is caused by an accumulation of stress and tension in your body.

And the reality of modern life is that we live in a chronically stressed society. We’re constantly bombarded by emails, tweets and smartphone notifications.

And if you work in a corporate environment you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Here’s something else you probably don’t realize. Over time this stress and tension accumulates in your body.

And while you may not feel the negative effects on a day to day basis, in the background things are reaching boiling point.

And guess what happens then?

This subconscious build-up of stress eventually manifests itself in your life as disease.

So maybe you end up getting cancer…or diabetes…or severe back ache.

Or maybe you just feel burnt out and tired the whole time.

And in your mind you don’t link the two together, but here’s what you need to know: To prevent this from happening, you must learn the art of relaxation.

[And you can learn it over here]

And I call it an art because it is.

Learning how to stay relaxed at all times will release the stress which is destroying your life.

And here’s something else you need to know.

There is a universal life force which flows through the universe.

And this force can be harnessed and controlled, the way a sailor harnesses the wind to move his boat.

This force is known as Qi.

You can use it to cleanse your body of stress and flush out all tension.

And when you feel it’s energy flow through your body...well, let’s just say it’s a deeply cathartic and spiritual experience.

It will relax you on a level deeper than you can even begin to imagine.
(Even deeper than hypnosis, and more effective.)

But right now you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to harness this “Qi Energy”.

That’s really simple.

By using Reiki!

With every session you will gradually release that built up stress and tension. And watch your body heal itself, the way nature intended.

Before I go one more thing:

If you’re suffering from chronic stress you should actually take it seriously. One of my students was hospitalized due to stress related health issues…

…and the reality is that stress CAN kill you.

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There you can learn the art of Reiki in only 48 hours.

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