Upper Back Pain - 4 Tips To Eliminate Your Pain

Tips To Eliminate Your Pain

Upper back pain is on the rise. Lower back pain is still more common, but upper back pain is catching up. Why?

Upper back pain is caused not only by the regular causes of back pain in general. It is also caused through the constant and prolonged sitting at your desk, stress (you have heard the saying "stress rides on your shoulders") and poor postures.

Your upper back pain is also caused by your lower back pain issues. The upper back and lower back work together. Just the same as when you walk. You move your legs and arms, the same with your back. The lower back and upper back move together. So if you have lower back issues, then upper back pain is more likely.

How does this help? After all you want to eliminate your upper back pain, not know why it is there, surely? Knowing why your upper back pain occurs does help to see what you need to do to eliminate though.

Tip 1: Correct your Lower Back

As your lower back affects your upper back, you need to balance any lower back issues. Stretch the hip flexors, strengthen the abdominal muscles and re-balance the pelvis. Doing this helps to eliminate any lower back distortion and will remove lower back pain and help to ease upper back pain.

Tip 2: Breathe Better

As your upper back is restricted by your rib cage, you need to ease tension here. In times of stress, and with poor postures, your rib cage and upper back will tighten. This leads to the common "end of the day" upper back pain. You finish work and notice your upper back is burning and tight.

To ease this you need to breathe better. If you breathe deeper and more relaxed, the ribs and upper back move easier and more freely. This helps to eliminate not just your upper back pain; it also helps to remove stress. When you breathe in you breathe in energy, when you breathe out your release stress.

Tip 3: Stretch your Upper Back

Due to the anatomy of your upper back and rib cage, stretching is not always easy. It is easy to stretch your hamstring, but the muscles in your upper back are harder to target. The best way to stretch is to do a full spine stretch (http://www.back-pain-advisor.com/back-stretches.html), as this is the best way to stretch the upper back - and you also stretch the rest of your spine. Tip 4: Balance your Entire Spine

No matter where you have pain, it is best to balance the entire spine. All joints are inter-connected. If you fail to balance the lower back, then your upper back pain will return. The same for lower back pain, if you don't remove the upper back pain the lower back pain will return.

To re-balance the spine you need to re-align your pelvis and the muscles associated to stability of the pelvis. You need to release tension in the upper back and neck regions. This may sound difficult or even time consuming, but most of these processes can be done at home by you with minimal time and no effort.

Upper back pain is common; it is also easily eliminated if you get to the causes of your upper back pain. Best of all most of these techniques you can do at home and save time and money re-balancing your spine and eliminating upper back pain permanently!

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Upper Back Pain - 4 Tips To Eliminate Your Pain
By Graeme Teague

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