Ex Back - How to Get Your Love Back!

How to Get Your Love Back

Do you want your ex back?

You probably do, or you wouldn't be reading this article. I'm sure you feel desperate right now and your first instinct is run to your ex and beg them to take you back, but that would be a huge mistake. You may not have realized it, but most relationships end because of boredom. As long as we are still in love, we are willing to overlook all the flaws of our partner, but when we become bored these flaws become very irritating. Your ex probably took you for granted anyway, so crying and begging will not fill their heart with love, but with contempt. You will only feed their ego, increase their self-confidence and validate their decision to leave you.

So, what should you do?

Here are killer tactics to make your ex fall back in love with you:

  • Act as if they don't even exist: that's probably the most shocking thing you can do. They expect you to beg, the expect you to cry, they expect you to be depressed, but you are going to do none of these things. You must act as if they don't exist and go on with your life. Your ex was used to your attention and he/she will feel rejected, disliked and lonely. Their ego will be crashed and they will start to chase you around to get some kind of validation.
  • Become a more attractive person: many people lose themselves inside a relationship. At first maybe you were an attractive, sociable, self-confident and independent person and your ex fell in love with you for all these reasons. But, over time maybe you let yourself go and became an insecure, clingy man or woman, completely different than the person your partner fell in love with in the first place. This changes are subtle and happen gradually, but be honest! Were you the same woman or man towards the end of the relationship as you were in the beginning? When we first meet someone we try to impress them by hiding our flaws, but the truth always shines in the end. You need to become someone worthy of love. Reinvent yourself!

Take up a new hobby, socialize, change your hair color, try to read some books that can help you believe in yourself again. Self-confidence is the most powerful aphrodisiac, so you need to regain your self-esteem in order to get him/her back. If you don't believe you are worthy of love, then no one else will believe it either.

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