Eye Wrinkles - How to Get Rid Of Fast

How to Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles Fast

Eye wrinkles appear around our eyes after we pass a certain age. Eye wrinkles along with mouth wrinkles can alter our looks a lot and make us look a lot older than we really are. Eye wrinkles come in two different types. One kind of eye wrinkle appears on the side of your eyes while the other eye wrinkle appears under the eyes. Wrinkles around the eye are known as crow's feet. So, what causes these wrinkles?

Wrinkles develop gradually because of many reasons. We don't even notice them appearing on our face or body. Therefore it is best to start preventing the appearance of any eye wrinkles at a young age.

Sun is the main reason for the appearance of eye wrinkles. To protect your skin from the sun, start using sunblock. Sunblock helps prevent wrinkles from appearing and stops your current wrinkles from becoming worse.

Wearing sunglasses while going in the sun is also a good way to prevent wrinkles from appearing. When you go out in the sun, you squint and squinting develops wrinkles around your eye. Squinting because you can't see well can also cause an eye wrinkle.

An eye wrinkle can also appear because of dehydration of the skin. It is recommended that you start using a face wrinkle cream with antioxidants in it. Stress is another cause of an eye wrinkle. Stress can be caused by lack of sleep or minimal sleep, a hectic lifestyle or even by smoking and alcoholism. When we are stressed out, we rub our eyes and squint. You can reduce the eye wrinkle caused by stress by reducing your stress. Also stop yourself from rubbing your eyes and squinting as it also leads to the formation of an eye wrinkle.

An unhealthy diet also plays an important role in the formation of an eye wrinkles. Fast food and processed foods don't have the nutrients that fruits and vegetables have. Fruits and vegetables also have antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which decreases eyes wrinkles.

Like mentioned earlier, our bodies develop wrinkles after we pass a certain age. Getting wrinkles cannot be avoided. As we grow old, our skin becomes lax because of collagen. But using a quality anti-eye wrinkle cream can help keep your skin firm.

But even when you grow old you can postpone the appearance an eye wrinkles. If you start looking after your skin and maintain good health right from the 20's, you can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Now that you know the causes of eye wrinkles and how to reduce them, you can start reducing them right away.

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By Isaac Yus

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