Insomnia Remedies - How to Cure Sleeplessness Without Drugs

How to Cure Insomnia Without Drugs

Sleep is designed to relax the body and the spirit and is also useful for the restoration of damage caused to cells during the day. Everyone has a personal sleep rhythm, but several causes, like psychological, hormonal and environmental, may disturb this rhythm and cause insomnia. Our diet is closely related to insomnia, because it controls the relaxation of muscles, and our serotonin and adrenaline levels that are the main regulators of tranquility or anxiety.

In order to get rid of insomnia you have to limit the amount of food and the calories you consume at dinner and try not to eat anything after 21:00 pm. When you eat late at night, your sleep is disturbed because your body secrets insulin and other digestive fluids. Prefer to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime, because during digestion the body spends enormous amounts of energy, which causes insomnia. What is more, several hours before sleep you must avoid consuming drinks that contain caffeine, which keep the brain alert. This means that you need to stay away from coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and green and black tea.

Now, take a look at some foods that fight insomnia:

  • Peach: it contains phosphorus and niacin and promotes sleep especially to those who feel exhausted.
  • Apricot: it contains potassium, bromine and vitamins B complex and is the most soothing fruit. It is also ideal in cases of tension, insomnia and psychosomatic illnesses.
  • Oats: it strengthens the nervous system due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, like cobalt and zinc. Oats are not considered soothing, because they stimulates the nervous system, but they are the ideal food for the person who can not sleep or is in stress because of intense intellectual activity. It is also recommended for athletes, students and all those who need mental concentration.
  • Cabbage: it contains mineral salts, vitamins and is rich in folic acid, a substance useful for relaxing the nervous system. It has laxative properties, is a diuretic and an antioxidant, and is indicated for the treatment of gastrointestinal distress. Cabbage is particularly suitable for people who experience insomnia and is also recommended for the treatment of respiratory tract irritation.
  • Apple: it contains a good amount of simple sugars, pectin, mineral salts, malic and citric acid. It has antioxidant, diuretic and sedative properties. Apples are rich in tartar acid, magnesium and zinc. Apples are suitable for people who are very tense and have difficulty sleeping and people with indigestion.

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