Snoring Remedies - Find Out What Causes Snoring and How to Treat it the Natural Way!

Find Out What Causes Snoring and How to Treat it the Natural Way

Does your spouse constantly complain about your annoying snoring? If yes, then it may be time to do something about it.

Snoring is caused when something physically obstructs the air flow through the mouth and nose. That could be a nasal polyp, a deviated septum, poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue (which can be caused by alcohol consumption, sleeping pills, or being deeply asleep). This problem can also occur to people who have a sinus infection or suffer from allergies. Being overweight can make this condition worse, because it causes bulky throat tissue. As unbelievable as it may sound, snoring can be also associated with the type of pillow you use. If it's too large or too soft, then it may contribute to the problem.

Keep in mind that snoring may be more than just a nuisance. Not only can it make you feel sleepy and irritable all day, but it can also lead to sleep apnea. This condition may increase your risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure and may even lead to the development of ADHD in children.

How can I Prevent Snoring?

  • If you are a smoker, then you should consider quitting. Smoking causes lung and nasal congestion.
  • Try to use a thin pillow or sleeping without a pillow to avoid bending your neck, which can lead to airway obstruction.
  • Don't eat heavy meals before going to bed.
  • In case you are overweight, try to lose some weight. Even a few pounds can help you see a big improvement.
  • Sleep on your side because lying on your back can obstruct airflow.
  • Stay away from alcohol at least four hours before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the muscles of the throat and can lead to air way obstruction.
  • If possible, don't take any sleeping pills, tranquilizers or antihistamines.
  • Use a dental device. This kind of devices can reduce the problem by 70% to 90%.
  • In case you suffer from allergies, try to remove allergens such as pets, mold or dust from your bedroom.
  • Visit a hypnotherapist. Some people have managed to correct this problem through hypnosis.

Many people believe that snoring is just an annoying, but other than that harmless condition.

Unfortunately, things are more complicated. The truth is that this condition is associated with various health risks. That's why it's very important to treat it, not only to stop disrupting the sleep of your partner and family members, but also to protect your health.

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