Stuttering - Therapy On How To Stop Stammer Naturally!

Therapy On How To Stop Stammer Naturally

Stuttering occurs in approximately 5% of children and 1% of adults worldwide. It is a disorder where the sufferer repeats sounds, syllables or words, disrupting the normal flow of speech, so that he/she can not be well understood. The disorder often starts when children begin to talk. Most children lose the stutter when their brains grow, but for some of them the problem remains. The current treatments include psychotherapy (to reduce anxiety), speech therapy, breathing exercises and electronic devices.

This disorder has always been a medical mystery that has been attributed to various causes, mainly psychological and emotional problems that create nervousness and stress to the patient. Now U.S. researchers claim that there is a biological cause behind this problem (at least for some people), and have discovered for the first time genetic mutations in three genes that are responsible for stuttering in humans. Due to the fact that the brain regions involved with speech require highly efficient metabolic systems, even the slightest mistake in protein production (due to a genetic mutation) may result in stuttering, according to research. The discovery links stuttering to disorders in the body's metabolism and can lead to new drug therapies. However it is estimated that only 9% of the cases are actually caused by gene mutations, which means that most people can actually treat this condition effectively without using drugs.

Thousands of people out there have managed to overcome this problem and you would not even know that they used to suffer from this condition.

So, what can you do to get rid of this problem?

  • Reduce nervousness and anxiety: Don't think too much before you speak, because this will only make you more nervous and more likely to stutter. Anxiety is a major contributing factor to stammering. Children and adults with speech disabilities are much more likely to develop an anxiety disorder compared to people who do not stutter. It's very important to learn how to control physical anxiety and tension by using certain relaxation techniques. All stutterers actually have the ability to talk fluently. In a relaxed, low-stress state you can pronounce any word fluently. I'm sure that even If you're stutterer, there have been some situations where you felt completely relaxed and the problem simply went away.
  • Don't try to speak too quickly: The funny thing about stutterers is that that they are often smarter than average. Their minds tend to work too fast and their tongue simply can't catch up! This means that every time they make an attempt to speak they can't find the appropriate words to express their thoughts. Slowing down the rhythm of your speech can enable you to verbalize each word more effectively.

Now you need to pay close attention-

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