Train Your Brain - How To Be Positive At Any Age

How To Be Positive At Any Age

Keeping your brain as fit as a fiddle is a lot easier as keeping the rest of your body in top form. Training your brain to stay sharp as a knife means you will enjoy your body more when you get older. And luckily you can do that without changing into your gym outfit or losing a lot of sweat. The training of the mind is subtle and easy to do for everybody and the results of that training will amaze you. Just remember, you will not get any smarter from it, but you will stay a more active person throughout the years.

Are you one of those millions of people who cannot remember where they put the house key, their purse or more simple their reading glasses? Join the club! There once was this gadget on the market that if you whistled while looking for your key, your key would whistle back. I have not seen it for ages, so I figure it was not a profitable invention. When you 'lost' your cell phone you can call it with another phone and surely you will find it. Unfortunately bank notes do not take calls yet...

So you need a trick to remember where you put your key or purse. And if that trick at the same time trains your brain you kill two birds with one stone. A proven method is to put your house key down with your not-preferred hand you are creating a so-called memory trace. Your brain is not used to you using your other hand. If at the same time you say out loud where you are putting your key with your other hand, you create another trace. Those too will cooperate and therefore be stronger.

Normally you just enter the house, discard you key somewhere and go about your business. You were so distracted at that point, picking up the mail and trying to keep the cat in-house as well, your brain did not even notice you also did something with the key. Because your mind was on other things.

Now with this trick with the other hand and the spoken words you first of all will remember where you put your keys but secondly you also trained a bit of your grey masses which now is stronger than it was two minutes ago. Two birds, one stone... not bad!

Why Brain Training?

The brain needs care just like the body

New scientific research shows that we can improve the health and function of our brains with the right mental workouts. In a study funded by the National Institute of Health, scientists found that memory, reasoning and processing speed can be improved by brain training. Moreover, they found that cognitive improvements persisted for at least five years!

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Training Your Brain? - It is So Easy For Everyone at Any Age
By Marion Ann Ryann

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