Youthful Skin - Tips On How To Look Younger

Tips On How To Look Younger

Eternal youth is almost everyone's dream. And when we talk about youth, we mean both the maintenance of the good physical condition of the skin and body and the avoidance of other health problems that are associated with aging, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer.

Aging is a complex biological process. Scientists believe that it is the result of the accumulation of damage to essential bio-molecules. This damage is caused by the reduction of the repair mechanisms, probably due to the effects of free oxygen radicals in combination with the influence of heredity, environment and lifestyle.

One of the most powerful weapons against time is the right diet. Anti-aging foods are those that are rich in antioxidants, which are substances that help prevent or repair the destruction of the cells. Antioxidants reduce or prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals and they can also enhance the immune system and reduce the risk of inflammation and cancer.

Take a look at 5 of the most powerful anti-aging foods that you can eat in order to stay young as long as possible:

  1. Raw Barley: It helps the good function of the colon and is an important source of niacin and vitamin B.
  2. Yogurt or Kefir: Yogurt is thought to be the secret of longevity. Foods that contain probiotics, like yogurt and kefir help to fight infections of the vagina, intestinal disorders, food allergies, respiratory infections and also raise the levels of antibodies. Probiotics significantly help in weight loss and especially the reduction of fat around the waist. As for kefir, it is very popular in Russia and is considered an elixir of youth.
  3. Garlic and Onions: They contain flavonoids and help the body get rid of toxins and other harmful substances. Garlic and onions also strengthen the immune system.
  4. Buckwheat: It has a low glycemic index, lots of vitamins and minerals and reduces cholesterol. Moreover, buckwheat prevents obesity and reduces hypertension.
  5. Spices: All spices have anti-aging properties and are rich in antioxidants. Nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, cress, fenugreek, mustard seeds and ginger used to be food preservative, because of the many antioxidants they contain. Black pepper has powerful antibacterial properties, cress provides high antioxidant protection, and cinnamon stimulates the insulin receptors, increasing the ability of cells to use glucose. Cinnamon also reduces blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and improves memory. The two spices with the strongest antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect are ginger and turmeric. They help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, help prevent blood clots and reduce blood pressure. To enjoy all their benefits you should try to eat them raw.

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