Boost Your Metabolism - The Best Fat Burning Foods

The Best Fat Burning Foods

Is it easy for you to put on weight, even without eating too much? Do you find it hard to lose fat and you always regain every single pound you have lost? Then, you probably need a metabolism boost. By eating certain powerful thermogenic foods you can increase your metabolism by up to 50% and lose a lot of weight fast.

Every time we eat we provide our body with calories, but at the same time we burn a small or larger percentage of these calories as energy. This happens because the consumption of food has certain energy requirements that increase metabolism, causing the body to burn more energy. This procedure stimulates the production of heat or thermogenesis and causes an increase in the body temperature, a situation which the brain perceives as a threat. So, in order to restore the temperature at normal levels, the body activates the compensatory mechanism of thermolysis and releases the extra heat and energy from the body to the environment.

The best way to use this bodily function to your advantage is to eat foods that stimulate thermogenesis. Thus, by including in your diet certain food items, your weight loss will become easier and you will be able to eat a larger amount of food, but absorb fewer calories overall. After all, what affects our weight is the amount of calories we actually absorb from food and not the amount contained in the food.

To give you an example, if you consume 100 calories through 12 grams of butter or a soft drink, almost all of them will turn into fat. However, if you consume the same 100 calories by eating 5 egg whites or 80 grams of tuna, you will automatically burn at least one third of these calories!

So which foods stimulate thermogenesis?

  • Green tea, coffee, spices and raw vegetables, especially the more spicy ones, such as peppers, onions and garlic.
  • High protein foods. At least 25-30% of the calorie content of fish, meat, egg whites and milk get burned through thermogenesis and don't get absorbed by the body.
  • Alcoholic beverages. Almost half of the approximately 7 calories per gram of alcohol becomes released as heat. Unfortunately, the other half is converted into fat, which means that you should always consume alcohol with caution.

On the contrary, sugar and natural fats require minimal energy to become metabolized, which rarely exceeds 2-5% of their calorie content, and artificial oils (trans) are not metabolized at all and get stored by nearly 100% as body fat.

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