Cellulite Removal - The Truth About Getting Rid Of It Once And For All!

The Truth About Getting Rid Of Cellulite Once And For All

Cellulite is a problem anatomical in nature that is linked to physiological structural differences of the subcutaneous connective tissue. In all women, the fibers that link the epidermis to the underlying tissues are structured in such a way that the fat present in the layers of the skin can easily reach the surface, giving the thighs, buttocks and chest the typical cottage cheese look. This phenomenon tends to worsen with age, because the skin becomes thin and the subcutaneous tissue becomes progressively more lax.

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The causes of cellulite are not fully identified, but hormones seem to play a key role. The high concentrations of estrogen and the imbalances in other hormones, such as progesterone, testosterone, insulin, adrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin interact with the various components of the subcutaneous tissue and affect the metabolism of the adipose tissue. Estrogen can, under certain conditions, interfere with the function of fibroblasts and activate inflammatory processes and the accumulation of fluid. This leads to edema and causes the fat cells to put pressure on the skin. And the vicious cycle does not stop here. Edema also occurs in the tiny capillaries of the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in poor blood circulation, which makes it hard for the skin to receive an adequate amount of oxygen. The importance of DNA is also obvious: often the female members of the same family have similarities in both fat distribution and cellulite.

Can losing weight help you eliminate cellulite?

Can losing weight help you eliminate cellulite

The appearance of cellulite is directly related to the body's fatty tissue. In most women, fat is usually concentrated in the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite appears in these particular areas because the adipocytes are larger than the others and are more sensitive to estrogen. And if cellulite and fat are related, then the association between cellulite and excess weight is quite obvious. Carrying a lot of extra pounds or having a poor muscle tone, are major factors in developing this condition. Weight loss may thus have a positive impact on this problem, because it causes a reduction in the volume of fat cells which "push" the skin, causing the orange peel effect.

However, weight loss alone may not be sufficient to eliminate the appearance of cellulite, because the reduction of adipose tissue per se does not cause a change in the structure and the number of fibers in the subcutaneous tissue.

So, what can be done?
There is no miracle treatment for this problem. Despite the absence of scientific proof, it wouldn't be irrational to suggest that a healthy way of life that includes physical activity and good stress management can be useful. But, if the biological predisposition is very strong, it is unlikely that leading a healthy lifestyle will resolve such a specific problem. It would be a better idea to combine a change in your diet with creams that contain botanical ingredients, so as to get a more localised effect. The studies on the therapeutic effect of plants are very few, but very promising. It has been shown that the active extracts of many plants can be very effective in fighting the pathogenic factors that lead to this condition.

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