DIY Teeth Whitening - The Fast And Best Ways To Do It!

The Fast And Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Do you want to get rid of yellow teeth? Are you too ashamed or afraid to smile? Let's be honest, yellow teeth are not the most attractive sight, in fact they are really embarrassing! And you have only yourself to blame! This discoloration is caused by many factors. Your teeth have to face daily "attacks" by coffee, alcohol, nicotine and food, and before you know it, they become yellow and appalling.

Who would want to kiss a mouth like that? Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror? Look now! Now tell yourself honestly, would you kiss a mouth like that? The answer would be NO! Even if you have a beautiful smile it is not enough, if your teeth are yellow.

Teeth are the pearls of our face. A beautiful, bright and white smile reflects youth and health. In fact, according to a recent research yellow teeth can age a person by up to 13 years! During this experiment, a group of people were asked to guess the age of a female model. In the first picture, the model had yellow teeth and in the second picture white. The subjects said that in the first picture the model was 13 years older!

Teeth Whitening

So, how do you get rid of this problem?

Brushing them every day or twice a day does not help. Oral hygiene alone can not bring back a dazzling smile. Most people of course, just visit their dentist and end up paying $500 for a whitening session. But, fortunately there is another very effective and much cheaper solution:

DIY whitening kits!

They are certainly the best products to get a radiant smile. You will have to fill a mouth guard with the whitening agent and wear it for about 2 hours every day. The good thing is that you can choose to wear it at night, which is much more convenient.

An even better technique that takes only five minutes to apply is the cotton swab method. You simply rub the swab around your teeth and get a shining, white smile in only a few days. The swab contains a special formulated whitening liquid and a polishing powder that produce very impressive and fast results.

As you can see there is no reason to believe that the dentist is the only viable and safe option to get a perfect smile. You can get excellent results at home at a very low cost and get the smile of a Hollywood actor or actress!

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